Notary’s office and inheritance and property law

An experienced notary’s office is available to our clients for comprehensive services. We are admitted to practise in the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft and can therefore handle all property transactions in these cantons.

Examples of current activities:
  • Recording and authentication of all property transactions in the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft, including establishment of condominium ownership and recording of tenancy contracts in the land register
  • Setting up and increasing mortgages (particularly mortgage notes)
  • Preparation of sale and easement contracts for any part of Switzerland as well as organization and coordination of recording with an authenticator/government notary’s office at the place of the property
  • Formation of companies for Swiss and foreign shareholders in any part of Switzerland
  • Issuing certifications, authentications and enforceable documents, applying for apostilles
  • Notarial recording of general meetings and other procedures (e.g. opening a safe deposit box)
  • Amendments to articles of association
  • Applications to the commercial register
  • Preparing the necessary public deeds in connection with restructuring (e.g. in the event of merger, de-merger, transfer of assets or other procedures in accordance with the law on mergers)
  • Capital changes (capital increases, additional payments for securities and capital reductions)
  • Liquidation of companies
  • General advice and carrying out legal procedures involving companies and foundations
  • Succession planning for your firm
  • Perfectly adapted planning of the legal aspects of marriage and succession, including wills and succession planning as well as execution of wills
  • Living wills and rights to designate a power of attorney

The fees levied by our Notary’s office in the canton of Basel-Stadt are based on the order on the notarial tariff Verordnung über den Notariatstarif of June 19, 2001 (edition of January 1, 2013) and in the canton of Basel-Landschaft on the order valid Verordnung there.