Who are you?

You manage a firm typically as its owner or in a responsible position. You are an investor, a well-to-do private individual, a member of a board of trustees or a manager of a pension fund. Or…?

You are an expert on trusts, property, control or pension funds or an accountant or head of a family office. Or you are a trustee/liquidator and are looking for a lawyer who understands the legal aspects of your particular subject. Or you are a lawyer yourself and are looking for a sparring partner.

Or you are perhaps only curious to discover who we are and what we can possibly do for you.

In any event: Welcome to Ludwig + Partner.


What matters to you is …

You are looking for specialists like ourselves, to take on a demanding legal or business question. You consider it important for us to advise you with commitment, and we - like you - think on business lines and reflect with you on an equal footing.

You value us as lawyers with practical experience and economic sense. You prefer us as business partners with common sense and an excellent network.

You expect us as experts to plan and carry out demanding changes with you. Or you require an experienced notary or perfectly adapted support in a legal dispute or an experienced lawyer for court proceedings.

You expect us as critical discussion partners to come up with a well-founded analysis or you want a professional second opinion from us. Or you want a routine matter checked to be on the safe side.

You seek an effective and efficient settlement to a pressing problem – or you wish for a long-term working relationship with personalities whom you can rely on.

You want us as determined discussion partners to ask all the right questions and assume responsibility. Strategy and planning for you are a prime concern. You also expect absolutely reliable and precise implementation.

Or perhaps you don’t yet know what kind of advice you need in the business and legal sector. Or you would like a professional 360° situation audit.

In any case Ludwig + Partner are the people to contact. For even if we are not the ideal partner to approach, we’ll be glad to help you to find one.


Your motivation

Do you wonder whether your firm is nationally or internationally suitably structured? Or are you about to carry out a transaction or do you wish to know how to make a new investment that is intelligent from a tax and legal point of view? Or do you have a difficult legal question in professional pension law?

Do you want to know which part of your firm is most profitable and how high the tax burden is there? Which cash flows attract transaction, value-added or withholding tax? How much is lost through taxation when capital earned abroad flows back to the shareholders? Do you want to find out whether you are invoicing value-added tax wherever necessary, or whether you are paying too much?

Do you wish to know about any legal and tax risks in a firm you would like to buy – or whether the purchase price is right? How to secure the purchase price if you are the seller? Should you buy/sell shares or assets (share vs. asset-deal)? What holds more opportunities, what is more attractive from the tax point of view? How should the contract of sale be drawn up? How do shareholders and investors regulate their legal relationships? What happens if someone withdraws their commitment or if someone dies?

Do you have questions in connection with property investments? How the financing of a property portfolio can be structured perfectly to individual needs. Do you want to know the points you need to clarify when drawing up a portfolio or purchasing/selling a property? How the transaction is conducted? How to convert your mortgage notes into registered mortgage notes.

You wonder whether you need a will or a marriage and testamentary contract? Would you like to know how to settle the planning of your personal property and succession? How to make a voluntary declaration to a tax authority with impunity and how much remains to be paid in back taxes?

Would you like to know how to enforce responsibilities in the name of a pension fund? Or who will support your pension fund in the event of partial liquidations after a shortfall or liquidate it. Or who will attend the meetings of the board of trustees during a critical phase?

We at Ludwig + Partner all look forward to answering your business, legal, tax, personal – and perhaps not even everyday questions.