job  vacancies

job vacancies

To strengthen our team of currently 11 professionals we are looking for:

a tax consultant

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a lawer assistant (50 - 100 %)

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Who are you?

You manage a firm typically as its owner or in a responsible position. You are an investor, a well-to-do private individual, a member of a board of trustees or a manager of a pension fund. Or…?


What matters to you...

You are looking for specialists like ourselves, to take on a demanding legal or business question. You consider it important for us to advise you with commitment, and we - like you - think on business lines and reflect with you on an equal footing.


Your motivation

Do you wonder whether your firm is nationally or internationally suitably structured? Or are you about to carry out a transaction or do you wish to know how to make a new investment that is intelligent from a tax and legal point of view? Or do you have a difficult legal question in professional pension law?



Who are we?

We are a leading regional firm of business lawyers with a national and international reputation and core competence in the fields of taxation and occupational pension funds. In addition, we have an independent civil law practice with a notary’s office.


What matters to us…

Most of the experts in our firm of lawyers have completed two courses of training: five of our lawyers are also Swiss Certified Tax Experts; one woman lawyer also manages our notary’s offices in Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft; two lawyers are currently completing their second course of training as Swiss Certified Tax Experts. This makes us one of the largest teams of Swiss Certified Tax Experts in the Basel Region.


The framework

We welcome visits and phone calls to our office on any weekday at any time from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Naturally, consultations outside our office hours can be agreed upon by way of exception.




Tax law

We guide business people and firms in all taxation matters in a national and international context. Even at the planning stage we consider the civil law implications.

As Swiss Certified Tax Experts we are practitioners with specialist qualifications. Experience is the most important assurance of quality in tax advice. We have plenty of this.


Business law

We advise clients in a wide range of questions of business law at all stages (planning and application). As lawyers and Swiss Certified Tax Experts, we have both legal and taxation as well as business aspects in mind. We are accustomed to thinking not only as lawyers but also as business people.


Property and Financing

We advise clients in all matters of private and public building law, from planning to project development, building, acquisition, financing, operation to the sale of properties.


Occupational pensions

As one of the few business lawyers’ offices in Switzerland we possess proven expert competence and experience in pension fund law.


Notary’s office and inheritance and property law

An experienced notary’s office is available to our clients for comprehensive services. We are admitted to practise in the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft and can therefore handle all property transactions in these cantons.



Mailing Address

Ludwig + Partner AG
St. Alban-Vorstadt 110
Postfach 419
4010 Basel

+41 61 204 02 02
+41 61 204 02 22 (Fax)


St. Alban-Vorstadt 110
4052 Basel


We are pleased to welcome you in our law firm each working day between 8 am and 6 pm.

Of course, meetings can be settled outside office hours. If necessary we will serve you 365 days 24 hours.

Our offices and meeting rooms are accessible by wheelchair.

Travel by car

Please enter in your navigation system: Sankt Alban-Vorstadt 110

Client’s parking

There is a limited number of visitor’s parking space available (2 cars, please make a reservation in advance). There is public parking space in our street (blue zone with limited parking time). The next parking garages are “Aeschen-Parking” or “Anfos-Parking”, both within a 10 minute walk.

Travel by public transportation

Tram Line 3 to “St. Alban-Tor” or Tram Line 14 to “Hardstrasse”